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Why I haven't been blogging and why I am restarting!

Friday, 10 November 2017

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There are a lot of reasons I started a blog. I wanted a creative outlet, talk about my passions and share all that I loved and learned.
I think thats one thing I always had: a love for sharing.

Whenever I would learn something new I would thing of who I could share that knowledge with. 
I'd read books and think of which friends I could give it to next, or I'd find a website and immediately send it to someone in hopes of it inspiring them as much as it did me. 

And thats what I wanted my blog to be about; sharing what I loved.
Thats why the name WHATLALILOVES made sense to me. It's just what it was: all of what I loved and hoped you would too.

Now lately, I really haven't been doing that. As I got more into blogging I also got more into the technical side of things. The numbers.

I don't remember a specific time, but for a while I started to have numbers in the front of my mind. Not people.

When I realised that, I decided I needed to take a step back. One month to be exact.

I don't want to talk, learn from, inspire and share to 'numbers'. I want to have interaction and conversation with people.

If you have ever read my About Me page, I talk about one rule I have:
To be friends. Friends talk, they are there for each other and they don't always agree.
If you don't agree with me, tell me! I don't know everything about life, I'm far from it, but I do believe that the more we share our experiences the more we can learn.

"Empowered women, empower women" & "We rise by lifting others" are one of my favourite quotes.
What if we would be a generation that stood at the forefront of shaping the digital space? What if we could shape the community that we build? What if we inspire and empower each other in this phase of transition? I believe we can and I believe we have to.

Because of the integration of social media and technology into our lives all sectors surrounding our lives will change.
Our work life, our relationships, even our possibilities.

I believe that we are a generation that paves new ways. We are finding the new and loosing the old. In that process we are equally lost as we are finding.
Just one of many examples is our careers.
We are lost in the old working world, and are finding a new one.
No one is working the same job their entire life anymore. People rarely work in the job they have studied. There are endless possibilities, and in the time of personal branding we are shaping new ways to a successful career.
But as the 'new' generation, we can feel lost in the old ways. I certainly do. We need to find new.

Now as we are finding, we are influencing. With every step we influence by how we take it. The first bloggers have shaped the world of blogging today. The first online entrepreneurs have made a way for many to come.

I want to shape the way I'm taking in a positive way. I dream of empowering and inspiring younger people as I'm finding my way. Every mistake I make is one you don't have to. Everything I learn is one thing you can.

That's why I am continuing to blog. Because in my perfectly imperfect humanness, I might still be able to make a change. Even if that is just sharing my attempt to become a better person.

I hope you will join me.

What generation do you dream of?


  1. Hey Larissa,
    just want to tell you how much those words were inspiring me.
    I wish that one day I could become so empowered like you.

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for your comment and support!
      I truly believe in empowering one another and you just empowered me! It goes both ways :)
      I hope you have an incredible day and have an amazing journey seeing how you will continue to empower others.
      Love, Larissa


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