10 Signs that your INNER-ME is your biggest ENEMY

Thursday, 6 July 2017

None of us are born with confidence, but neither are we with self-consciousness.

So how are we either? Because of our past?

That our memories make us, is the biggest misconception most of us have.

Yes, to some extend our experiences do. What happened to us as children has influence on who we are today. That is scientifically proven, no doubt.
But our memories?
They are made by us, and not we of them. 
How you choose to react in a situation, or even how you choose to remember it, is your choice.

We all have pains in our past, but holding onto it, is us opening wounds we didn't even make. Giving them power they shouldn't have.

If you don't let your past die, it will never let you live.

Why? Because if we let us be changed by negative situations, we won't be able to change negative situations. as easy as that sounds.
If you let your mind or self image be negatively impacted, you carry it with you.
With you into the next similar situation, the next friendship or worse, your confidence.

I previously wrote about the power of the mind, and have since seen the connection between my mind and my doing more evident then ever.
I started to see, that those thought patterns that I had engrained in me, started to come to life.
Implementing into the situations I was in, just by the way I acted. Both negatively and positively.

And I didn't even notice until it finally clicked.
I had to become aware of it, to start changing.

Maybe it is the same for you?

After asking yourself these questions, how do you view yourself and your ability to talk to yourself?

Yes, 'talk to yourself'. A skill that we all have but don't use to half its extend. Do you need to improve your mind set?

Is your Inner-Me maybe really your biggest enemy?

If so: I would love for you to check out "How to go from Worrier to Warrior" (here), a blogpost in which I write about ways that you can change your thinking!

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