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Ultimate Carry-On Essentials & Packing List! | Travel Tips

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Long flights can be a hassle. Sharing that little space with people you have never met before for a long period of time isn't easy.
However, you can definitely make it easier for yourself by packing right!

I also go by these 3 rules:
  1. Break awkward silences with unchosen travel companions asap. (Joking about the safety procedures is always a safe way to go)
  2. Make yourself at home. (Cozy Socks make everything better)
  3. Sleep is holy (especially this close to heaven ;) ) and number one priority.
Trust me, when following these your flights will be a lot more comfortable and you might even make some friends along the way!

Ultimate Carry-On Essentials:

carry on essentials

carry on by laliloves featuring Laura Mercier

A good carry on start with the right bag. Depending on how much you are trying to fit, I love to either bring an oversized tote or rucksack, or a suitcase. 
The trick when bringing a suitcase is to have a smaller bag with everything you need on a flight that you can take out after boarding.


Not getting bored on a plane has become a lot easier with most planes offering movies or series. 
Just in case yours doesn't, do yourself a favour and download some movies beforehand.
I have been on flights before that were 'only' 4 hours and thus didn't have a screen. Better safe then sorry, right?

Music is a must have too. Especially if you are a little scared of flying. Listening to some music when taking of, or even to blur out background noise for sleeping, is essential for a relaxed flight. I currently love the Spotify playlist 'Covers unplugged'.

A great tip are noise cancelling headphones. Babies are cute, but after 3 hours of their crying, everyone has had enough. Noise cancelling headphones will make your experience flying better very easily!

Bath & Body

Staying refreshed during a flight is important for you to feel comfortable. There are some obvious things you can do:

- reapplying deodorant and perfume and 
- changing your clothes
- brushing your teeth
- taking off make up

and also some you might not have thought of.

Have you ever tried a face mask on a plane? Since the oxygen levels are much lower there, having a hydrating face of sheet mask makes you feel more refreshed instantly. And you can totally rock that on the plane!


Bring face wipes to take off makeup to let your skin breathe. You don't have to look a 1000 bucks, when travelling! But do put as much or as little on as you need to feel comfortable.

Also try rose water or water spray to keep your skin hydrated! The low oxygen can make your skin feel dry, so take some spray to humidify the air and your face.

If you want, apply some makeup shortly before landing!


Documents like passport and boarding pass are an obvious essential, but it's great to have a copy of your travel and accommodation details as well.

When crossing borders, you will often be asked for the address of your accommodation. Have that ready as a physical copy and print out the route to your hotel/airbnb/... to show to the taxi driver and to make sure they don't take any detours.

If you take public transportation, it is great to have that ready as well.

Packing List:

Have fun on all your travels!
What items are essential to your flight?


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