HOW TO PLAN YOUR DAY HAPPY + free printable

Sunday, 16 April 2017

I recently fell back in love with planning. I found out how much it can help me destress and just remember more of what I wanted to do and achieve.
Instead of seeing it as a burden to write down all of what I had to do, I was excited to track my achievements. Even though they were little.

That got me thinking: Can we plan our day happier?

The ingredients to a good day for me are:

1 tablespoon of sunshine (or the soothing sound of rain)
1 good cup of coffee
1 new lesson learned

Preheat: Prep yourself for making the best out of this day
Time: however much you need to take for yourself

These 'ingredients' make a day a good day for me.
I always love to learn something new; I feel if I learned something today I will grow tomorrow. And that makes the day complete for me, something I can be happy about.

It is different for everyone of course, but imagine how happy you would feel if you would keep track of all the little things that made a day a happy one.

Maybe even change your perspective? If you have a terrible day, but notice how beautifully flowers emerge in spring or how much you loved that coffee you had - write it down!

Don't overthink it though! It doesn't have to be something super big that made you happy.
Maybe it was that your barista remembered your order. Maybe it was someone that made you smile.
Whatever it was, it made your day slightly happier. Isn't that worth writing down?

It is for me, which is why I created a free printable for you!

What you can track:

  • Things that made you smile
  • Things that made you proud of yourself
  • Things you achieved
  • Things you got done/gotta do
  • Things you're grateful for


I have created different layouts, to whatever makes you log your happiness best:

1. Logging achievements & Events


2. Logging Self-Reflection


3. Logging To Do's & Happiness


Pin this?

What makes your day a happy one?



  1. Seeing you always improves my day and makes me happy! xoxo Coco

    1. I can only say the same <3
      'surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you, not the stress in you', you light up my day :)


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