7 mindsets to kick ass at life!

Friday, 28 April 2017

The power of the mind is incredible. A power often underestimated, yet so incredibly powerful.

Did you know that most professional boxers exercise their mind just as much as their body?
In Fact, Shannon Miller, an Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics said: “In the Olympic games, everyone is talented. Everyone trains hard. Everyone does the work. What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists is simply the mental game.”
The mind is the game changer. Is it strong, prepped and powerful, then so is the fighter.

How you go about your task, your day and even your life the exact same mental game.

For me, that means two things:
1. You gotta take care of your mind (find how here)
2. You can do anything if you do

Here are 7 kick ass mindsets you need to have:

1. Learn from everything and everyone you meet!

Sometimes we get stuck in prejudices and forget, that you can learn from everyone. Don't let your pride, your laziness or your self-conciousness get in the way of asking questions and getting to know the passions of others. People will LOVE to talk about themselves and what they love! Every path or mistake can teach you something, just be open to it!

2. Open yourself up to the endless possibilities out of your comfort zone and try something new. 

I believe that we create bubbles. Bubbles, that border our comfort. Inside we feel comfortable -building our comfort zone- outside we feel uncomfortable and even vulnerable. We create these bubbles based on experiences; they are deeply personal and evolve around different people/mistakes and memories. If we were hurt, we distance ourselves. But that does not merely protect us, but also separates us! Amazing things lie outside your bubble that you have never seen and experienced! Widen your comfort zone and be amazed!

3. Don't let your past determine your future! 

Sadly, this happens so often when we fail. It goes towards building our comfort zone and believing we can't do something. Why does a bad yesterday mean a worse tomorrow? Kick ass the next day and make up for went went bad!

4. You can always start new.

This is the absolute core thing to understand! If you had a couple bad days, so what? You can always make a concious decision to change. It's so easy and your limits, they are all in your head!

5. Don't overload. 

Great, you have decided to make a difference! Maybe you want to become more organised or you want to loose weight; whatever it is, take your time. Neuroscientist have found out that it takes 4 weeks to break a habit. So don't expect change in a day! Rather take your time and make little changes every day!

6. Don't rely on anyone for happiness.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. You need to nourish your soul just as you need to nourish your body. Give it all it needs: time, thought and maybe even a cheeky cheat meal. 
Most importantly: don't make somebody the only reason for your happiness. This happens too often in relationships. People fail you, I hate to break it to you, and you fail people. So make sure that you are happy on your own and don't need someone else for that. Your boyfriends/friends/parents should help you become even more happy! 

7. Be the pilot of your own live. 

 When you are not happy, change it! Don't wait for someone else to! We all are responsible for our own happiness!

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7 mindsets you need to kick ass
7 mindsets you need to kick ass

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