Why you have to take care of yourself! // 45 Ways to Self Care like a boss.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I am continuously understanding the importance of self-care. 
The crazier life gets, the more evident the direct link between inner and outer balance becomes.

It goes both ways: if you have problems managing your personal life, it will ultimately throw you of balance in your work life. If you can't manage work life, it will impact your personal life.

But one thing you always have to remember is:

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

It is so easy to put work over your sleep, health and well being.
So easy, that sometimes we don't even notice - until we really do, completely burned out without any strength to pull from.
You gotta take care of yourself first.

If you hold your life in strong hands, everything else will fall into place.Life will slide out of your hands, if you don't grasp tightly.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself. 
I personally love coming back to a state of mindfulness (exercises here).

Here are simple ways how to take care of yourself. You deserve to treat yourself well!

45 simple ways to take care of yourself:

1. Go to a part of the city you have never been before and explore.

2. Make a little Home Spa. Run a bath, light some candles and relax.

3. Take a walk without your phone.

4. Write how you feel into a journal. As detailed as possible.

5. Visit a forest and walk outside of the path.

6. Sketch a random building. Focus on details and take time to draw them.

7. Bake. (Click here for recipe Ideas)

8. Treat yourself to a massage.

9. Take a moment to let go of past mistakes.

10. Tell someone you love them.

11. Try planting your favourite flower.

12. Find a new hobby.

13. Go on a day trip.

14. Get on a random train and get off wherever you feel like it. Explore.

15. Go stargazing.

16. Create a vision board.

17. Visit an art gallery.

18. Make your own face mask.

19. Create a playlist that relaxes you.

20. Rearrange your furniture.

21. Get a full night of sleep.

22. Take an online or evening course.

23. Clean out a little.

24. Colour in a colouring book.

25. Go to a tasting of your favourite drink.

26. Make a gift for a friend.

27. Write a letter to yourself.

28. Hang affirmations around your house.

29. Give yourself a pep talk.

30. Read up on a topic you have always wondered about.

31. Make a Google Doc of all your ideas.

32. Reach out to a friend you have lost contact with.

33. Glam up. Try makeup you never have before.

34. Pack an inspirational note in your lunch.

35. Have a solo dance party.

36. Meditate/Pray.

37. Buy yourself your favourite flowers.

38. Cook something new.

39. Have a No-Phone Day.

40. DIY something (ideas here)

41. Say no once in a while.

42. Volunteer.

43. Discover new music.

44. Plan a staycation.

45. Start a gratitude journal.

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