How to be your own biggest inspiration!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sometimes we just have those days when we don't want to do anything. Where we just want to crawl back into bed and keep on sleeping; passionless we string ourselves along our daily routines and desperately look for fulfilment.

Sometimes we take a minute and realise we have no idea what we are doing or were we are going.

What do you do, when everything around you seems to failing? YOU don't.

There are times where we gotta be strong for others, and some were you gotta be strong for yourself.

You are good and strong enough!

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Here is How to be your own biggest inspiration:

1.  The responsibility of your happiness is yours - Take it!

One of my favourite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt is: "No one can make you inferior without your consent."
Did you know that no-one can make you happy without your consent either?

We play a huge part in our own happiness, WE hold the power over our emotions and our happiness.

Ever since I was little, my mum always told me one thing: "You are the pilot of your own life.", and when I wasn't feeling well: "Get back into the driver's seat and take over."

It is your decision whether to take a mean comment to heart, or to shake it off.
It is your decision whether to stay in an unfulfilling job, or to follow your passion and get a new one.
It is your decision whether you let life navigate you, or you navigate life.

It's up to you.
Take over now.

2. Your past never determines your future, but your future can determine your present.

The most motivational person in my life is me - in about 5 years.
You might have watched Matthew McConaughey's Oscar speech about always keeping something to chase.

If we remind ourselves with the vision we have for our life daily, we also grow closer to it each day.

Ask yourself the question: What would the future me do?

And you can take that quite literal, applying it to you in your daily routines and challenges.

When I ask myself that question, I came up with a couple of things the future me would do; some bigger some smaller.

For example: The future me is someone who always makes her bed every morning, and so I started making bed.
The future me is also someone who is a cheerful giver and values others, so I try to bring values to other in the small things.
Buy someone a coffee and trust me their day is changed.

The changes you make now, will bring you closer to who you want to be. Step by Step.

DO something every day that brings you closer to your future you.

3. If you stick to it, you will stick through it; and the other way around.

If you stick to it, you will stick through it:

It is never our circumstances that make us, but our reaction to them.
The way we react to challenge is what will make us or break us.
Make us into a person with new experience, new wisdom and new strength in ourself.
Or break us to see ourself failing, not being able to overcome.

Trust challenge, because it will make you through it. Trust in yourself, because you will take you through it. 

You will stick through it, if you sick to it:

Change comes through Challenge.
It never is easy and never comes easy.
But there is no testimony without test.

If you stick to it, take each day by it's own and know that you are on your own path, you will make it through. You will learn and develop, become closer to the person you want to be and will face new challenge with wisdom.

You are your own biggest inspiration!

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