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Monday, 20 March 2017

I have always dreamed about creating my very own doll house, designing every room and imagining people living in it.
If I could create my perfect house, it would probably look a lot like this: bright, open and full of life.

As I am planning moving out soon, I have been pinning interior inspiration like crazy (you can follow me on Pinterest here).
I obviously know that in no way I could afford a house like this right now, but let a gal dream! Especially about a walk in closet..

Regardless, it is always great to make a mood board when designing a new race to make sure you have a coherent idea and colour scheme. Mine is very bright with a few subtle colours like grey and blush pink. I also love a good black and white as contrast!

I hope you enjoy this inspiration and look out for a first apartment tour! (I'm still house hunting though haha)


Living Room


Eating Room





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