The Ultimate List: 50 Random Acts of Kindness.

Friday, 31 March 2017

In my post about 'How to be your own biggest inspiration' (find here) I talked about placing value on others through the little things. Taking a little time out your day to make someone else's.

And it can be anything!

Sometimes it can be something obvious, but sometimes it's nice to go the extra mile to be kind.

My challenge for you today: Do at least 3 of these!

50 random acts of kindness:

  1. Buy someone a coffee just how they like it,
  2. Leave the change in the vending machine,
  3. Pay the bill for the person behind you in a drive-tru, 
  4. Buy someone flowers,
  5. Write a letter to someone you have lost contact with,

  6. Tell someone the truth. Even when it's uncomfortable,
  7. Give someone your umbrella when it rains, or offer to walk with them,
  8. Go out of your way to hold the door for someone,
  9. Let someone jump the queue,
  10. Follow up with someone that isn't doing well,
  11. Compliment someone randomly,
  12. Prepare a 'me-time kit'. Put in a movie, food or whatever they love,
  13. Give up your seat,
  14. Plan a day trip for one of your friends,

  15. Have a 'normal' conversation with a homeless person,
  16. Make an email account for your future kids and regularly send them emails of memories. Give them the password on their 18th birthday.
  17. Go to a nursing station of a hospital and just say 'thank you'. Even bring them flowers if you can.
  18. Text your friends randomly, wishing them a successful day.
  19. Give up your parking spot for someone.
  20. Bring food to work.
  21. Smile at someone on the street.
  22. Bake a cake for someone randomly,

  23. Give someone a book you loved,
  24. Volunteer in a soup kitchen for an afternoon,
  25. Offer to walk someone's dog,
  26. Participate in a fundraiser,
  27. Plant a tree,

  28. Babysit for free,
  29. Be old school, make someone a mix tape,
  30. Give out drinks to people on a hot day,
  31. Walk someone home,
  32. Buy your waiter/waitress desert,

  33. Send letters to elderly,
  34. Wash someone's car,
  35. Plan a surprise party,
  36. Read to children in the hospital,
  37. Leave some change on the edge of a wishing mountain,
  38. Mentor someone,
  39. Put positive notes on mirrors,

  40. Give a secret gift to someone,
  41. Sit with someone who is eating alone,
  42. Go shopping for someone,

  43. Pick up trash and throw it away,
  44. Make a personalised playlist for a friend or someone you love,
  45. Give encouragement to someone who is working hard,
  46. Ask someone how they are and really listen to their answer,
  47. Take time and spend it with a friend. Completely focus on them, don't check your phone and make it your mission that they have a good time,
  48. Hug someone that needs it,
  49. Offer to stay longer to clean after a dinner at someone else's house,
  50. Make soup when you hear someone is sick.

Which one's would you/wouldn't you try?

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