Salads are boring? Try this!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Salads are boring- how many times have I heard someone say it. And I get it, simple green and a few tomatos is a little uninteresting, but there is so many more options to spice up a salad!

Salad just has a bad reputation in that regard. Maybe because it is accosiated with 'diet', a word many - myself included - resent. But salad shouldn't just be seen as a diet food, rather as a fun, healthy and light meal. Yes meal, as in a fully nurturing, filling and satisfying lunch/dinner option.

 Here are 5 ways to spice up your salad, while also keeping you satisfied:

1. Go Green!

There are more greens then just simple eisbergsalad! Try out something new, and don't be afraid to mix. It often is way more interesting to taste different textures and a combination of tastes.
Here are some of my favourite greens for salads:

-Spinach: High in vitamin A and K.
-Kale: Is a great source of vitamin A, K and C.
-Basil: rich in antioccidants, has anti-aging properties, reduces inflammation and swelling
-Arugula: decreases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease
-Thyme: boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure.

Vitamin Guide:
Vitamin A: aids vision, skin, bone growth and immune system. Also is an antioxidant and helps skin to repair and produce enzymes stabliszing production of collagen.
Vitamin K: aids Osteoporosis, tooth decay, brain health problems, tooth decay.
Vitamin C: aids skin, helps heal wounds, improves blood flow.

2. Top it Up!

Toppings are what makes salads fun. Think of it just as you would with frozen yogurt. On it's own it's ok, but with the right toppings it's amazing. It's like that with salads too, and you can try something new just the same. Peach and tomato? totally great. Strawberrys, grapes and walnuts? amazing. Don't be afraid to try out!

For the best health benefits though, make sure your salad alway consists of these four main staples: greens, protein, health fats and carbs, such as whole grains and fruit.
 According to Kaufman form Just salads:

"Greens are full of fiber, which need to be digested slowly and aid health of yor digestive tract. Protein is essential to make enzymses, hormones and building muscles. By adding protein based foods such as beans, nuts or chicken, you will also remain full.".

3.  Cheesy?

Cheese is totally a thing on salads! My favourite salads all include goat cheese, but there are so many options you can try.

- Goat cheese
- Parmesan
- Mozzerella

4. Meat or no meat?

Chicken is a pretty obvious choice for salads, but you can also go veggie! As a vegeterian, I love these vegan 'chicken nuggets' on top of my salad. You can also add grilled or fried Tofu or even Seitan. For non vegetarians I recommend trying a prosciutto parmesan combo. 

5. Dress it!

Dressing can make all the difference, and there are so many different options!

- oil & balsamic
- vinaigrette
- dressings (french, american...)

My favorite is actually really simple:

  • pour raspberry or blueberry balsamic (can be bought mostly on farmers markets or in some supermarkets) over the whole salad.
  • add olive oil to balance!
Olive Oil is actually a really important step and should not be missed, as your body can more easily use nutrients and vitamins of the greens!

My favourite salad:


  • Arugula
  • Basil
  • Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Goat Cheese'
  • Blueberry balsamic & olive oil!

I hope this helped you to fall in love with salads again! What are your favorite salad combinations?

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