How to nail christmas wrapping this year

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas wrapping- some hate it, some love it; whichever one you are, here are 5 tips to NAIL christmas wrapping this year:

1. Stick to a colour theme 

The easiest way to up your christmas wrapping game is by choosing a colour theme. If you use too many colours it can often look chaotic, if you stick to one colour scheme (I would recommend to use three colours Maximum) you can play around with diffrent styles, while remaining coherent over all.



Black & White

2. Don't be scared to go for prints!

Once you have your colour theme set up, make your presents more intresting by using diffrent prints or even textures! You can really go crazy with this, or go really subtle. The trick is to just stay in one colour and design 'world'. That means to only carefully mix different styles like impressionism (first picture) and pop art (second picture), as well as minimalism and maximalism. If you stick with one style it will look great!

3. Try to DIY!

For a a really cheap wrapping option, or even just for a little bit more of a personal touch, get your DIY on! There is so much you can do, from potato printing to just using simple brush strokes everything is possible! Baking paper is actually a great base to use and from there they are no boundaries to creativity! Here are some of my favourites:

  4. Personalize 

Personalization is key in good wrapping. It doesn't only show how much you value the person you are giving presents too, but can also how well you know the person. A picture of your favourite memory together and a nice name tag can go a long way! But this is were you can really get creative!


Pictures and also Polaroids were really well with christmas wrapping! This year I'm actually thinking about trying a little game: Print out baby pictures of everyone you are giving presents too and let them guess which one is which! 


Tags is kind of a must. Every year I see my mom having problems remebering which present belongs to who. It's actually quiet fun to watch for me, but i can only imagine if you mix up the present of your boyfirend and your boss... better safe than sorry :) 

I'm Going To Try This At Christmas With Holly & Berries :): Love the simplicity of these black and white ribbon favours #weddings #favouriteweddingpins: A beaded message and a few lines of Shakespearean verse photocopied onto newsprint paper make for romantic wrapping: chalkboard gift wrap by newton and the apple |

5. Give it something extra

This tip will make your wrapping look pro, even though it is so simple! Think about what you can add to your wrapping and try something new!


Candy Cane

I love this idea! Not only does it make your wrapping more colourful, but also gifts a little sweetness! I can also imagine this working well with gingerbread or any other sweets.  

Go Crazy!

Why not try something complety new? Go a little crazy with gift wrapping this year and make each present a tiny work of art!  
Here are some of my favourites:

I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas wrapping 101! I'm confident you're going to nail it now! Do you have any wrapping tips or family traditions? Let me know :)

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