2016: A Year in Review

Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 - What a year.
So many milestones, trips, countries visited, but most importantly lessons learned. 
This week I want to look back on 2016. All those experiences that have made this year so special, but also all the happening here on my blog!
I hope this posts inspires you to take a moment to look back. While writing this post, I looked through my phone for pictures, scrolled through Facebook and remembered so many things that I didn't think of before. 

Putting a timeline to events is something that can blow your mind. Imagining that all what happened only in this year is crazy. Put the craziest thing is looking back and knowing that you have changed. That you felt differently, reacted differently and were a different person. Growth is something that happens so gradually you can not grasp it until you take the time  to look back. There is this quote I really like that goes something like this: "How is it that every day is the same, but when you look back everything is different." With that I couldn't agree more and encourage you to look back, not only to see how much you've changed, but also what changed you. Above all, look back to see how much you have accomplished. We don't ourselves enough credit sometimes, and we can truly see when we stop looking through the microscope and step back to see the bigger picture.

Here is my Year in Review:

Top 5 most read posts of 2016

Places I've been in 2016

1. Cote D'Azur
In September this year me and my friends went on an amazing trip to the Cote D'Azur.
We visited many different places, played on beaches all day and just had the best time. A actually turned 18 on this trip, and spend my day laying on beach in Monaco; that definitely was a great place to spend your birthday.

Ile Saint Margerite

2. Copenhagen
After attending a Model United Nations conference in November,  I decided to stay a day longer and explore Copenhagen. Although I had been in Copenhagen before, just walking through the city on my own was so different and allowed me to see the city in a different way. There is still so much more to see and going back is definitely in my lans for 2017.

3. Wildcamping in Sweden
This summer I went wild camping in the south of Sweden. We hiked from Karlskrona to Kalmar (130km), while camping in whichever place we could find. Sometimes that meant just sleeping under the stars (which is an experience on it's own that everyone needs to try), and sometimes it meant depending on other people's hospitality. It was a crazy experience that I will remember for a lot of reasons, but especially for the kindness people showed and also didn't show. People are so different and it is comforting to know that there will always be people willing to help and support you.

Milestones I've reached in 2016

1. Graduating High School

Senior Prank
My friend Shourangiz took this picture of her (hence the name) and my Abitur. I'm so proud of us!
Graduation Gala
In this picture my sister Leonie is teaching us how not to pose... :)
2. Getting my first Job.
This year I got my first ever job at a hair dresser. I would've never thought of working at one, but when I went to get my hair done I loved it so much I never left. Working there was amazing and the people incredibly nice! So if you're ever in need of a good hairstyle, check out Yvette Hafner Friseure

3. Turning 18.

Turning 18 was super weird for me. I felt like there was such a hype to finally becoming an adult, that when I actually became one I realized I didn't even want to. 
They say: "Don't grow up, it's a trap" and for now I couldn't agree more. 
Just because I now am legally allowed to do a lot more things, doesn't mean I have to feel differently about the adventure that is life.
I want to keep having fun and realize that I don't always need to have everything figured out.
You should go through life as an adventurer - not as a planner.

4. Studying Business
As I have luxury of free education here in Germany, I decided to try out studying business.
Even though I am still not sure if it is the right thing for me, I'm very glad to have the opportunity to just try. Let's see what will happen in 2017...

Looking forward to 2017?
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