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Monday, 12 September 2016

healthy breakfast cereal

Note: This is a guestpost from my lovely friend Cyndi (much love <3), who has been my walking health dictionary for years and inspires my to live that healthy life!

Foodies - Fuel Your Bodies πŸŒ±

What does healthy mean?

This question seems basic - I knoow. But let me tell you something: At that point (meaning when I couldn't care less about what I stuffed into myself ) I thought I had it all figured out. Guys, dont be fooled by too little knowledge.
Healthy simply means making sure that your body (your inner organs) can work smoothly.

Luckily, earth gives us certain foods which promote a smoothly working body through necessary nutrients (e. g. minerals, and vitamins etc.). The most common go by the name fruits and vegetables. These gifts should play a big role in your life and be seen in at least 50% of your daily meals. Foodies fuel your bodies.
Not to say that you shouldn't eat grains, seeds, milk, meat or fish, but be and eat balanced. Plus choose quality: meaning wholegrain (rye, spelt), fresh and organic (at best from farmers markets).

Unfortunately, most of processed food you buy outside such as ice cream, pizza, fries, cake, burgers etc. don't really help.  Why? The reason is simple: Ingredients. A lot of processed food contain too little to none of the essential nutrients yet redundant artificial additives like flavour enhancers, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, stabilizers, preservative, trans-unsaturated fatty acids and more..

Sooo, if you don't know these words, you should  ask yourself: If most (85%) of processed contain these stuff, WTF have I been eating all these years??!! And maaaybe do some research. Just maybe..

Luckily, as you know, ingredients have to be listed and there is always nutritional information on every (packed) food bought in a grocery store. Common are Fats, Carbohydrates (short: Carbs) including two sections (fibre & sugar), protein, salt.. Therefore, it it always a way to check for instance how much sugar is in there.

Why becoming & staying healthy? (7 reasons)

1.You'll bless the environment 🌍

As you might know we only have one earth with limited resources and healthy food naturally supports economical and considerate exploitation of land. For instance by saying no Nutella, you can save the live of people (blame palm oil) or by not eating dairy/meat tha much you can reduce mass production on mainly cows and additional reduce your ecological footprint.

Tomatos on a local farmers market

2.Good for your inwards parts of the body. πŸ’

Just think of a factory. All the machines only work if the workers push the right buttons and do their job properly, which they only do if you hire good workers. Either way it is your choice if you invest in those workers who make the significant change. In this case the factory is our body, the machines our organs and the workers our input/food.

3.You can prevent diseases. πŸš‘

Healthy food supports you immune system. One can get for instance over one's sugarobsession (not invented lol this is an actual thing). Your gut flora will thank you. No worries about sicknesses like diabetes type 2, cancer (yes, again my friend sugar supports it..  Now you know why so many people easily get it.. Of course, not every cancer is due to sugar) and more.

4. You will constantly feel good about yourself. 😊

Constant is such a good word. Literally, it feels like your lighter, less bloated, less sleepy and more energetic. Since your core strength is very important and the center of power, it is only natural that a healthy lifestyle supports these things.

5. Quality food has the ability to make you fullπŸ‘

Alwwwwayys hungry?? Anyone who knows the struggle of eating one toast and suddenly half the package is empty just because you can eat and it doesn't make u full? Yep, this can be over.
 I thought I couldn't be 'cured' but it's possible. Well, let me put it this way. Overeating got better. You get discipline without even trying.

6. Food actually stimulates your mood πŸ˜’ (when I learned that I WAS SHOCKED TOO),

 So be your own boss. Why should a pizza run my life? Do you know that feeling? Thinking okay I have it all together today .. *10 minutes later after life messed with you* Hell na I aint having the salad I deserve the big piece of the cake … LOL those situations can change.

7. You'll get a bomb body. πŸ’ͺ

And no! You don't even have to think about the so called 'diets'.
First of all most of them aren't healthy. Second of all most off them make you unhappier due to cutting everything out. And third they have a rebound effect. If you're living a heathy lifestyle you dont have to worry about any of this.
I meeeean: Who doesn't want that? What goes around comes around..

How can I stay focused on this healthy journey?

- You need MOTIVATING FRIENDS: get them on board! Together it is more fun.

- Like, follow motivating FOOD PAGES online if possible .. sounds weird but can be a real PUSHER

- Keep ONLY HEALTHY FOOD AT HOME in order to have a fresh and new start in your journey.

- BRING THE HEALTHY OUTSIDE. Instead of buying something most likely unhealthy as we pointed out earlier everytime your outside with friends, do your mealprep  (e.g. a total meal, snack like dried fruits and nuts whatever you like)

That's it! A bit long, the evidence that I was way into it lol. I hope this expanded the mind of someone and motivated you to get it started! Remember it's a lifestyle! I'm Out  ✌️❤️️‍‍‍‍‍‍

Xx Cyndi Germanita

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