30 Things to love

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

One thing that I am trying to get better at is taking time for myself. You don't have to feel arrogant when you are saying that you are the most important person. They say that "you can never really own what you can loose", and we can loose everything. Money, friends: the only thing we can not loose is ourselves. Physically at least. 

Over the course of a couple months, I have written this list of the small things in life; Those moments/sounds/foods that oddly nourish our soul. That calm, encourage or just make us happy.
Rejoicing in little moments is what brings me closer to myself. I am suprised by what I enjoy and add to the things that mean 'me' to me. Like a puzzle creating an image, we can always add to our personaltity and  get to know it.

Walking barefoot for example: How is it that in a moment as simple as the touching grass with your toes, we can connect to our roots in such a special way?  Such simplicity that can bring us the sense of freedom.

Here is 30 Things to love:

  • sipping tea in a movie sorta way,
  • the sound of popping popcorn,
  • the sound of rain,
  • accomplishments,

cute tea cup and vintage tea pod tumblr

  • walking barefoot,
  • singing in the rain,
  • midnight walks,

  • forests,
  • sleeping,
  • post workout enthusiasm,
  • closure,
  • post workout showers
  • sneakily eating cookie dough,

beautfiful forest foggy
  • the smell fresh laundry,
  • sleeping in,
  • saturdays,
  • the smell of something freshly backed,
  • finding a new favourite song,
  • starting new,
  • the feeling of a fresh sheets,
  • all free food,

Food set up, found on tumblr, buffet

  • going past your limit
  • out-of-comfort-zone expieriences
  • making a new friend
  • finding out something new about yourself
  • finding a new talent
out of your comfort zone, found on tumblr

  • finding a thinking space
  • the smell of fresh flowers
  • really good coffee
  • finish reading a book
  • life

what are things you love?

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