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Over-the-knee boots (Overknees) can be very hard to style. They can look effortlessly sexy and fashionable, or quite frankly a little slutty.  Learning how to style them classily will avoid any pretty women comparisons. They can actually give you an amazing silhouette!

1. Keep it short

thigh high boots aimee song bloggers wearing overknees

This seems like a contradicting tip on how not to look slutty in these shoes; just showing the right amount of skin is what we want here. Don't go overboard, but there is nothing sexier then a sliver of the upper leg. To keep you from looking too scandalous, keep your look more casual and make sure your outfit isn’t too snug. Sweater dresses are perfect for this.
Wear a pair of tights the same shade as your boots for a slimming look and extra warmth.

2. Use Texture

wear textured things to make overknees look really good!

Over the knee boots look great with a little bit of texture to add something extra. Since they are leather they often give a very shiny and clean feel to the outfit. To break that with a little bit of fur or lace just makes things more fun and interesting. Plus: Jumpers or any knitwear are super comfy!

3. To tuck!

tuck in jeans when waering overknees it looks way classier

To tuck or not to tuck? I say tuck! Why wear overknees if you can't see them?  Show off those boots and lengthen your silhouette! Just check that the tuck doesn't make you look bulky!

4. Play with material

How to wear overknees with different materials

Different materials can make overknees look more unique in an outfit. While leather boots give a clean chic look, suede can be more rough and edgy. So play with materials and try out hat works best for you. I'm currently rocking these suede boot from H&M.

5. Play with Colour

Elena Perminova in Chloe sweater dress, over the knee boots | Paris Fashion Week SS15 Street Style: vanessa hudgens wearing boots celebritys

Colour can make a big difference. A cream or mauve colour can tone an outfit down easily, while black makes a good staple piece. I personally love cream boots with pastels and neutrals, but don't really like them with an all black outfit. However, black boots I love both with neutrals and other colours like brick red or burgundy. So while cream boots can give a softer look, black boots are a little more universal.

6. Try different styles

Jeremy scott shoes overknees with adidas collabKendall Jenner wearing boots over the knee

With the style of your overknees you can go as crazy as you want! (Even though I probably couldn't pull them off, check out these crazy Jeremy Scott shoes! ).
I find that a classy black boot like Kendall is wearing really gives the outfit something extra. However in neon colours this style of shoes might be a little to riske. So, go crazy with the style and cool down the colour!

PS: Here are some classics that I absolutely love: 

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How to wear overknees

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