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Saturday, 5 December 2015

holiday gift guide for her

Finding presents can be really hard. 

Whether you shop for your mum, your best friend or your boss, presents don't only show your appreciation for the person, but also what you think of them. 

I love giving presents, and even though I think you should show your appreciation through many ways all year around, Christmas is a beautiful time for gift giving. 

And trying to find a present close to the person's personality is often the best choice.

Click through to see gift ideas for your beauty, fitness, travel and luxe loving friends! 

Luxe Lover

Gift Guide: Luxe Lover gift guide whatlaliloves.com beauty and fashion presents

This is for your luxe lover! I mean, who wouldn't want to get these gifts?


#giftguide: the traveler gift guide

So cute and also so practical! Makes evryone fancy when travelling!

Beauty Blogger

#GiftGuide: the beauty blogger

This gets you into every beauty blogger's heart!

Sporty Gal

#GiftGuide: the sporty gal gift guide whatlaliloves.blogspot.com

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gift guide whatlaliloves.blogspot.com


  1. the traveler gift guide is goals omg <3

  2. literally obsessed with the chloe bag :)


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