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Monday, 21 December 2015

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Gifts under 25$! by laliloves

After finally finishing Christmas shopping for my family and best friends, I still have a lot of presents to give and absolutely no money left. 

I have definitely overspend this year and needed to find presents that were budget friendly, but still amazing. 

For all of you that are in a similar position as me and need budget friendly gift ideas: Here is my under 25$ Gift Guide!


Beauty under 25$ nars essier mac lipsticks

Beauty products are a really easy way to finding budget presents.

You can either buy a lot of little high-street products and put them in a little basket, or go for one high-end product that will impress because of the brand. 

Either way beauty products are a great present to give or receive, since you get to know new product and may not have thought you needed something like it. 

Hand cream for example is a great presents since you definitely need, but kinda forget to buy it for yourself.


Home & Food under 25 dollars cactus bowls cups notebooks

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What are your favourite presents to recieve?

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