Summer Fashion: Wants and Inspiration

Monday, 13 July 2015

summer collection with ananas and ocean

Summer, what took you so long?!

Everyone from the same latitude as me will agree: summer could not have come earlier. After showers and showers the start of summer holidays has finally declared the summer as started!
The monochrome is still here and totally on trend,
the 70's are back and it is more casual then ever. Trend shoes like Birkenstocks or the Adidas superstars call for the sporty vibe and gladiator sandals give the cute touch to a well rounded fashion summer.
I have to say that this season of style could not be more up my street.

The new season has started and it is once again time for #SeasonofStyle; here are my favourite summer picks and wants:

summer outfits and wardrobe essentials

accesoires for summer

Love, L

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