DIY: Jar Candles

Sunday, 7 December 2014

how to make your own candles in jars

Hohoho, it's Christmas time! 

For this weeks post, and the holiday season just starting, I thought it would be a great idea to share this little DIY with you that I have been absolutely loving lately.

I have always been a little obsessed with candles and my purchases this time of the year have been so excessive that it is time to find a cheap alternative.

Also, to make everything a lil more christmas at home, just add a nice christmas scent to your jars!

diy jar candles

The set up:

what you need for making your own candles

 What you will need:

o a jar of your choice (mine were marmalade jars)
o lots and lots of candles
o a spoon and tape to hold wick in place
o pan or water bath to heat candles
o optinal: scent of chocie (I used vanilla)

if you use a block of wax you will need to buy extra wick!

4 steps on how to make your own candles


How to:

  1. chop up your candle into smaller pieces and pull out wick. If your wick breaks of simple break candle again and pull out.
  2. Melt pieces of candle until there are no pieces left
  3. Pour into your jar and make sure to place the wick where you want it to go. The set up is easy, simply twist the wick around the spoon and keep in place with a tape!
  4. Let sit and add other layers of colour if you wish!
To achieve a layered look, let the candle set longer so that the colours don't mix.
To achieve the ombre look, let candle sit for a while until the wax has hardened. Then pour darker and darker colours in one at a time. Ensure that the colours don't mix completely.

diy jar candle in ombre look

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